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1) Basic Information

1. Outline

Country Name Islamic Republic of Iran
Capital Tehran
Population 68,000,000
Area 1,648,195 km2 (4.4 times larger than Japan)
Ethnic Groups

Persian, Azeri, Kurd, Arab etc.

Languages Persian, Persian dialects, Turkish, Kurd, Other

Shi'a and Sunni Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Other

sources: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Official Web Site

2. Conducting Emergency Relief in Remote Areas, Utilizing

Due to the massive earthquake that struck on 16 th December, 2003, the city of Bam, in Kerman province of southeast Iran, was left in a devastating state—43,200 dead, 30,000 injured, and those who were lucky to survive had all fled and become refugees. We began support in the Barabat area, a place far from other cities and towns, and that had not received any support. This program was aimed to improve sanitary conditions of the people who were being forced to live in tents. By May 2004, we had installed 55 portable toilets, 50 toilets at schools, and 190 portable showers, and distributed underwear and sanitary materials including soaps and shampoo. We also distributed stationery and stuffed toys to children in orphanages.

Upon installing the toilets and showers, we aimed for a community-based approach for support; we talked over where they should be installed with the locals, and tried to utilize local labor and materials as much as possible. In order for the distribution of materials to be conducted in a fair manner, we were especially careful to identify all victims and to make sure that support reached those who were in less accessible places. Residents of the remote areas told us; “Nothing had been brought in up until now. We are happy about the fact that you have made your way here.” and appeared encouraged by the support.


I. Aperçu Géopolitiques

Nom du Pays République Islamique d’Iran
Capitale Téhéran
Population 68,000,000
Superficie 1,648,195 km2
Groupes Ethniques

Perses, Azéris, Kurdes, Arabes etc.

Langues le perse, dialectes perses, turque, kurde, autres

musulmans chiites et sunnite; chrétiens, juifs, zoroastriennes, autres

sources: Ministères des Affaires Étrangères du Japon

II. Contexte Historique

C est à la suite du violent tremblement de terre du 16 décembre 2003 qui a gravement détruit la ville de Bam dans la région de Kermân au sud-est de l’Iran faisant plus de 43 200 morts et 30 000 blessés que JEN a décidé d intervenir.

III. Nos Activités

JEN a conduit des Secours d’urgence dans des zones éloignées

Notre action c'est concentré dans la zone de Barabat, une ville géographiquement difficile d’accès et qui n’a bénéficié d’aucune assistance humanitaire. A partir de mai 2005, nous avons construit 50 toilettes dans les établissements scolaires, 55 points de distribution d eau potable et 190 douches à proximité des abris. Nous avons aussi distribué des vêtements et des produits sanitaires tels que du savon et des shampooings.
Les communautés ont été impliqué dés l'élaboration du projet jusqu'à l'évaluation finale.