Corporate and Foundation Supporters

JEN works with many organizations to succeed in our projects.
Your assistance is indispensable to expanding our circle of collaborators and the scale of our projects.
We hope that you will support us in restoring the self-sufficient lives of people who suffer because of disaster and strife.


We welcome support in whatever form suits your organization's capabilities and philosophy.
Here are some suggestions based on the support we've received so far.



All financial supports are used to suit local needs and quickly adjust our projects to the latest developments.

Make Matching Gifts

Matching Gift is a form of donation in which companies match the amount of charitable gifts made by their employees.


Donate a portion of your sales proceeds

Your products and services will allow many people to contribute to our cause in a short period of time.


Start special projects

Launch a joint enterprise with JEN at one or more of our project sites.

Leverage your organization's strengths

Support or promote JEN using your unique features, like click-to-donate sites and benefit programs.


Hold charity events

Donate all or part of the proceeds from your promotional events.

Mobilize your workforce

Create programs that encourage your employees to donate or volunteer for our activities.

Provide non-monetary support

Donate goods and services, such as publishing our publicity materials.