Privacy policy

JEN is putting an even stronger emphasis on the secure handling of personal information. JEN understands the importance of personal information collected through its activities as an organization, and manages and uses this information in compliance with the Guideline of Protecting Personal Information detailed below.


1: Definition

JEN will clarify the purpose of collecting personal information as much as possible and will not collect more personal information than necessary.


2: Management

JEN will assign a person in charge of managing personal information to ensure the secure handling of such information.


3: Disclosure to third-parties

JEN will never disclose personal information to third-parties except for the reasons outlined below:

* when JEN has the permission of the individual;

* when disclosing information necessary to process donations and other income, information processing, and shipments;

* when mandated by the government or municipal offices under law.


4: Consignment to third-parties

When consigning information processes and shipments to third-parties, JEN will take the utmost care to ensure the secure handling of personal information and this precaution is extended to our third-party partners.


5: Purpose of use of personal information

JEN will use personal information only for the necessary purposes for the operation of the organization, such as to report our activities, provide related information, request of the support, and other related matters.


6: Request for termination of personal information use

Regarding the matter related to above “5: Purpose of use of personal information”, JEN will discontinue the use of personal information immediately upon request. To unsubscribe from JEN’s newsletters, emails, etc., please contact JEN directly.


7: Requests for reference/revision

JEN will respond immediately to requests for references and revisions of personal information if determined to be reasonable.


8: Notice of changes to JEN’s privacy policy

JEN manages and secures personal information according to government and municipal laws and regulations, and all staff are trained to appropriately handle sensitive information. Changes will be made to this policy as needed, in which case the changes will be disclosed on JEN’s official website.