General information

Name JEN
Established January, 1994
President of
the board of Trustees
Hideto Kawakita
Nobuhiro Nemoto
Vice President of
the board of Trustee
Trustee Keiko Kiyama
Auditors Fumie Ueda, Toshiteru Shibaike
Secretary General Keiko Kiyama
Sectors of Involvement Emergency Assistance / Reconstructing Infrastructure / Psyco-social Care / Self-reliance Assistance / Social Service Assistance
Areas of Involvement
(Past Areas of Involvement)
Afghanistan / Pakistan / Tohoku /
(Croatia / Chechnya / Kosovo / India / Mongolia / Serbia and Montenegro, Iran / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Eritrea / Lebanon / Myanmar / Indonesia / South Sudan / Iraq / Niigata / Sri Lanka / Jordan / Haiti / Nepal / Kumamoto )
Establishment Originally established as “Japan Emergency NGOs”, a group of several Japanese NGOs active in the Former Yugoslavia, conducting assistance for refugees and internal displaced persons. Since, JEN is doing assistance activities for those victims of wars, internal conflicts, and natural disasters, based on the motto “psyco-social care and assistance for self-reliance”. In 2000, JEN has obtained NPO status under the Japanese law, opened its headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and changed its official name to “Authorized NPO JEN”. On September 1st 2005, JEN was recognized as “Authorized NPO JEN” by the Japanese National Tax Agency.
Main Domestic
Cooperative Organizations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Sciences and Technology / Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / Japan International Cooperation Agency / Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Ltd, The Smile Heart Club, etc.
Main International
Cooperative Organizations

Japan Platform, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation, Japan NPO Center,Quality & Accountability Network in Japan(JQAN)