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Books on your shelves turn into schools!

Let’s make the children’s dream of going to school come true.


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Smile SeedsSmile Seeds

Your shopping delivers “seeds of smiles” to the people in Sri Lanka. [Japanese only]


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Chabo! is a charity book program by authors of business manuals and books.

A part of the authors royalities is donated to JEN. We can make the world a better place, simply with books. [Japanese only]


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Let's go to TAMBO!!Let's go to TAMBO!!

Iketani Village-JEN’s  long time assistance area. Our program supports village’s  welfare and sustainability.


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Vacancy – volunteers for translation

volunteer translators

We are looking for volunteers who can do translate in Japanese or English.
Also, if you are a native English speaker and equivalent, you do proof-reading in English; it would be helpful. Your works are appeared on JEN publication.
In addition, it is possible to carry on email based contribution and you can do it at home.
You can support us anywhere across the world.


Examples of the work

Either A or B:
A. You do translate Japanese to English
B. You do translate English to Japanese


A professional translation for English or having equivalent skills and experience

Subjects of translations

Japanese texts of: JEN publication and, JEN news bulletin