Misconducts committed by JEN staff in JEN Jordan Office


April 27, 2018

Dear All Persons Concerned,

Japan Emergency NGO(JEN)
Presdident Keiko Kiyama

Misconducts committed by JEN staff in JEN Jordan Office

Japan Emergency NGO(JEN) (whose headquarters is located in Tokyo)(hereinafter “JEN”), having discovered the allegations of misconducts committed by JEN staff in JEN Jordan Office, formed the Special Investigation Committee(hereinafter the “SIC”) composed of members including an external lawyer and external certified public accountant to investigate the fact situation of the allegations.

The SIC submitted the investigation report (hereinafter the “Report”) to the board of trustees of JEN on 27 April 2018. We would like to inform the outline of the report as well as the measures for recurrence prevention as below:

PDF: Summary of investigation report

We deeply regret that such inappropriate conducts occurred within the organization which is an international NGO who serves for the people suffering from natural and manmade disasters and whose activities are supported by donation from many individuals and organizations, as well as government assistance. We express our deepest and sincerest apologies to all related parties who have trusted JEN and for the enormous inconvenience and concerns they may cause.

<Summary of the SIC Report>
The investigation identified the following misconducts committed by JEN staff in JEN Jordan Office:
1.Spending of partial funds outside the original project scope;
2. Handling of off-the-book cash; and
3. Transactions made in violation of internal procurement rules.

2. Disciplinary actions against the staff involved and their supervisors

JEN has taken strict disciplinary actions based on JEN’s internal rules against those employees who were found to have committed misconducts through the investigation.

Furthermore, JEN has taken disciplinary actions against the president, all members of the board of trustees as well as the secretary general since these people were responsible for supervising such employees as below:

President: Salary cut
Each board member: Reprimand and submission of apologies
Secretary General: Salary cut

3. Continuation of the investigation

JEN will continue the investigation on the issues that were not covered by the SIC’s investigation mainly due to time constraints. JEN will take remedial measures upon finding additional incidents.

4. Implementation of measures for recurrence prevention

JEN considers this incident seriously and is committed to preventing recurrence of misconducts by implementing necessary measures based on the recommendations of the SIC, which include:
1. to improve and strengthen the internal control system;
2. to introduce fixed-term system for the Head of Mission of overseas programs;
3. to reinforce supervision over the Head of Mission of overseas programs; and
4. to clarify the responsibility and authority delegated to the Head of Mission.

JEN is firmly determined, with full commitment and cooperation of JEN management and staff, to make efforts to restore the trust of all of our partners by adhering to all compliance requirements.



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